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Is telehealth Physical Therapy as effective as in person Physical Therapy?

It has been 18 months since the pandemic started and people were advised to stay at home and quarantine. At that time, I was doing home health physical therapy and like many people stopped working due to kids being at home and the safety concerns with going into a person’s home. Businesses including healthcare clinics had to make changes to keep everyone safe. Delivering healthcare services changed. Telehealth became a viable method to continue to treat patients.

Many may wonder if virtual physical therapy is just as good as in person physical therapy. When you think of physical therapy you usually imagine a “hands on” type of treatment. Surprisingly telehealth can be a very efficient way to deliver physical therapy services. Studies have shown that telehealth PT can be equivalent and just as effective as traditional in-person treatments. In a telehealth visit we can assess you range of motion, your mobility and your home environment. We can also teach you a home exercise program and review it and make changes depending on your progress. If a person isn’t a candidate for telehealth physical therapy, then an appropriate referral can be made.

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